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so i feel like climate change is a greater threat to national security and also the world than terrorism and i think instead of the war on terrorism we should focus on the war on climate change because its more important and with all the resources we put towards the war on terrorism we could probably solve climate change.…

Tallahasee just passed the first city anti-Corruption Act in the United States. Victory for the public over special interests.

Cuts the amount of money politicians can take from donors by 75%, and creates a citizen funding system to make campaigns more viable to fund without having to sellout to big private interests. 

What do you think? Good? Bad? Effective? Will it achiever larger success nationally? discuss...


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ahh but even add is thought as a bad trait but i saw something about how it was around a while and people who had it could get away from harm easier because they were so jittery and ready to go
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