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What are your thoughts on Bernie sanders running for president. Do you like him? Can he win?

He's expressed interest in running. I tend to like this guy, he seems to be genuinely concerned with protecting peoples rights and civil liberties. He's talked about fixing the drug war and aggressive meddlesome foreign policy, though I wouldn't hold my breath on that. He also is concerned with the environment. Just in general he doesn't seem like a corporate business/war party candidate like the others. But for that reason he probably won't recieve the funding or media attention it really takes to win.…

so this woman called the police to help her get her son to take his medication and a cop showed up and tazed him, dragged him into the bathroom and shot him multiple times.

was this one justified? you guys gonna defend the cops on this one? 
Just watched a pretty interesting film titled Cowspiracy. 

you can watch the trailer on youtube here…

the film makes a pretty compelling case that large-scale factory farming is the most destructive industry on the planet and that it is being completely ignored even by environmental organizations and activists, for perhaps dubious underhanded reasons.

animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water pollution/consumption, is responsible for more greenhouse gasses than the transportation industry, is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, habitat loss, species extinction, topsoil erosion, ocean "dead zones" , etc...

whenever people talk about climate change and the environment everyone wants to talk about the energy industries and the transportation industrys, but nobody wants to talk about animal agriculture which really is the most destructive industry of all.

so what do we do about this? should we all go vegan? should we stop factory farming? how do we address the problem of animal agriculture and fight against the inertia & power of this enormous industry? isn't the food industry totally creepy and sketchy? should we even save the environment? does anybody even care?
so i feel like climate change is a greater threat to national security and also the world than terrorism and i think instead of the war on terrorism we should focus on the war on climate change because its more important and with all the resources we put towards the war on terrorism we could probably solve climate change.…

Tallahasee just passed the first city anti-Corruption Act in the United States. Victory for the public over special interests.

Cuts the amount of money politicians can take from donors by 75%, and creates a citizen funding system to make campaigns more viable to fund without having to sellout to big private interests. 

What do you think? Good? Bad? Effective? Will it achiever larger success nationally? discuss...


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